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Jones Act Claims

If you have been injured while working on an offshore oil rig or as a seaman on a maritime vessel then you may have a claim under the Jones Act and our attorneys can help. To start your free attorney review complete the form located on this page or call our law firm now at 888-739-5210.

While most oil rig workers or merchant seaman are familiar with the Jones Act, other workers may not realize they are also protected under the same law. Workers who may qualify for protection under the Jones Act include; divers, fishing boat crews, tugboat crews, and those on ships operating in rivers and canals. If in doubt, a call to our law firm can help determine if you are eligible to file a claim for financial compensation under the Jones Act.

The decision to seek legal counsel is yours. Your employer does not need to help you find an attorney or even inform you of a possible Jones Act claim. By taking unusual care to manage an injured worker, an employer may try to influence their decision to hire an attorney. Statutes of limitations do apply in Jones Act cases. If you have been injured then don't delay. Contact an attorney soon to preserve your legal rights.

Gulf Coast Seamen Legal Help

Texas and Louisiana comprise much of the Gulf Coast and a large portion of the region's shipping and oil rig industry workers. Working on ships, boats, and offshore oil rigs can be dangerous. Serious injuries and even deaths among these workers is a real risk.

Our law firm is based in Houston, at the hub of the nation's oil, gas, fishing, and shipping industries. Our attorneys are licensed to practice law in both Texas and Louisiana. If you have been injured and feel you might be protected under the Jones Act then contact us now. Call 888-739-5210 or complete the form located on this page.