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If you have been injured or suffered damages then attorneys at The Lapeze Firm can help. Use the form on this page or call 888-739-5210 now to consult with our legal staff at no charge. A fast and free consultation will determine if our law firm can help you to recover compensation for your injuries or damages.

Based in Houston, our attorneys are licensed by the Supreme Court of Texas and our law firm handles all types of personal injury cases for Texas residents. Our attorneys are committed to serving our clients and recovering the highest possible compensation in every case we manage.

Although we accept a variety of personal injury cases, in this website you will find detailed information about cases involving car accidents, train crossing accidents, truck accidents, and Jones Act claims. If your potential legal claim is not listed here then please contact our law firm to learn if we are best suited to represent you.

If you are looking for an attorney to represent you in Texas then please contact our law firm for a free legal case review now. Complete the form on this page or call 888-739-5210. There is no cost and no obligation for this free review by our staff of legal professionals.

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At The Lapeze Firm, our clients are not case numbers, they are our Texas neighbors. Unlike large law firms that process large numbers of personal injury cases simultaneously, at The Lapeze Firm we dedicate ourselves to knowing each client and managing each case with great care. While other law firms focus on profitability first, we never lose sight of our most important goal; winning your personal injury claim.

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